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2024 Semester 1 Trial Week!

2024 Semester 1 Trial Week!

Interested in Performing Arts? Looking to try an extension class? Come along to YPT for Trial Week and see what it’s like to be a YPT Student!

For one week only we are opening our classes for new faces to try YPT out with no obligation to enrol. However, if your child enjoyed the class and would like to continue, you will receive 5% off your Semester Fee (which will already be less Week 1 and 2).

The following classes are available to trial for students not currently attending YPT:

  • Monday Year 10+ Drama at 7pm (YPT)
  • Thursday Year 1/2 Drama at 4pm (YPT)
  • Thursday Year 7/8 Drama at 4pm (HSPA)
  • Thursday Year 3/4 Drama at 5pm (YPT)
  • Saturday Year 5 Drama at 9am (HSPA)
  • Saturday Year 6 Drama at 9am (HSPA)
  • Saturday Year 7/8 Drama at 10:30am (HSPA)
  • Saturday Year 1 Drama at 11am (YPT)

Guest students can also trial an extension class in addition to the drama class OR an existing YPT student wanting to try a extension class, can come along for free to the following classes:

  • Monday Year 10+ Musical Theatre at 5:30pm (YPT)
  • Tuesday Year 7+ 30min Jazz Level 1 at 4pm (HSPA)
  • Tuesday Year 9/10 Musical Theatre at 5:30pm (YPT)
  • Wednesday Year 5/6 Musical Theatre at 4pm (YPT)
  • Thursday Year 5/6 Tap Kids at 4pm (HSPA)
  • Thursday Year 5/6 Jazz Kids at 4:30pm (HSPA)
  • Thursday Year 3/4 Sing Act Move at 5pm (YPT)
  • Thursday Year 7+ Jazz Level 1 at 5:30pm (HSPA)
  • Thursday Year 3/4 Jazz Minis at 6pm (YPT)
  • Saturday Year 7/8 Musical Theatre at 9:30am (HSPA)
  • Saturday Year 9/10 Musical Theatre at 10:30am (HSPA)
  • Saturday Year 2/3/4 Tap Minis at 11am (YPT)

Registering for a trial class has no obligation to continue with YPT however, if you choose to enrol, they will receive a 5% discount on their Semester 1 fees.

Please complete the below registration form to sign your child up to our trial classes that are still available. Places in these classes may fill quickly! Once capacity has been reached we will no longer be able to accept trial students for that session.

Register Here:

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