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Bunyips Reduced Sensory Performance

Bunyips Reduced Sensory Performance

YPT is pleased to offer a Reduced Sensory Theatre Experience as a part of the BUNYIPS, a big beautiful mess of a play season. Our key objectives is to provide theatre for young people, all young people. This is performance is relaxed to accommodated for children and adults with sensory sensitivities.

This performance will be held on Friday 2nd July at 2:00pm (During the School Holidays)

Accommodations for this performance will include:
– Lower sound levels, especially for loud or startling noises
– Reduced stage lighting
– Reduced audience size
– Increased lighting in the theatre to allow for sensory reassurance and easier movement if necessary
– Preparatory materials provided to patrons before the show and an introduction of the cast prior to the performance
– Use of devices during performance allowed if needed to assist patrons
– Designated space outside the theatre for those who may be overwhelmed and need a minute to self-regulate
– Specially additional YPT staff present at the performance to assist with ushering etc.

Please note:
While we have reduced many elements of the production, we will wish to give all young people a magical theatrical experience. There is a few elements that have been left in the production to assist with creating this theatrical experience. Please see below for warnings:
– While the lights and sound levels have been lowered we still will use elements of theatrical lighting and sound, however accommodations have been made to accommodate sensory sensitivities
– There is a disco ball used in the production, which has been dimmed
– There will be use of a hand bell, which will be rung quietly in some scenes
– Actors have been asked to be less loud in some scenes, however they may still use a loud voice to aid the story. Note: any actor who uses a loud voice a part of the story will be introduced to the audience before the performance begins.

Audience members for the Reduced Sensory Performance will be emailed additional information and a social story, a week from the performance date.

Book Tickets
To book tickets for this performance, please email

You can not purchase tickets for this event online.

Want free tickets? YPT accepts ‘Discover’ Vouchers. If you would like to claim your discover voucher for this performance, please call 49615345 between 10:30 – 2:30pm Monday – Thursday.

YPT looks forward to welcoming you to our Reduced Sensory Performance of BUNYIPS.

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