Young People’s Theatre Newcastle


2021 Production // 10 – 25 JULY

BUNYIPS, a big beautiful mess of a play. 

Loosely based on ‘Naked Bunyip Dancing’ by Steven Herrick and adapted for stage by Callan Purcell.

6C are bursting at the seams to express themselves, but they don’t know how. Then Mr Carey came with his Yoga, sage and Shakespeare and things weren’t the same again. Watch these kids rap, dance, speak in bird language, dream their way through year 6. As they try to understand living between two houses, have their first kiss and be the biggest, most beautiful mess of a class.

Presented by Young People’s Theatre, Newcastle INC

Director: Nicholas Thoroughgood 
Assistant Directors: Larissa Barwell and Campbell Knox
Production Assistant: Mabel Moras-Young
Audience Suitability: All ages
Performance Dates: 10 – 25 July 2021
Duration: 1 hour plus a short interval 

Information on conditions of entry and covid-safe procedures here.

There are 2 casts – Magpie and Kookaburra! See below for dates each cast perform. 


  • Saturday 10th July 10:30 AM (Magpie)
  • Saturday 10th July 2:00 PM (Kookaburra)
  • Saturday 10th July 6:00 PM (Kookaburra)
  • Fri 16th July 6:00 PM (Kookaburra)
  • Sat 17th July 2:00 PM (Magpie)
  • Sat 17th July 6:00 PM (Magpie)
  • Sun 18th July 2:00 PM (Kookaburra)
  • Sun 18th July 6:00 PM (Kookaburra)
  • Sat 24th July 2:00 PM (Magpie)
  • Sat 24th July 6:00 PM (Magpie)
  • Sun 25th July 2:00 PM (Kookaburra)
  • Sun 25th July 6:00 PM (Magpie)

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