Young People’s Theatre Newcastle


BOOK TICKETS 2022 Production // 18 FEB to 5 March 2022 Romeo & Juliet Fair Verona is a City ravaged by brutality, old hatred; it’s a place where peace can only be forced under pain of death. Romeo and Juliet are starving for the one thing they can never get from this City, love. PLEASE … Read more

BOOK TICKETS PLEASE NOTE: This production is being performed at The Hive – 152 Beaumont St, Hamilton, 2303. 2022 Production // 24 – 28 JANUARY 2022 Beware the Jabberwock Beware the Jabberwock is an adventurous story about two children who lose themselves in the magical Tulgey Wood. They encounter the party loving Toves, the snobbish … Read more

2022 Production // 5 – 7 JANUARY 2022 Alice Dreaming by Ned Manning Trapped by the expectations of others, a girl escapes into her imagination. Following an albatross, Alice takes a journey across Australia that eventually brings her closer to home and an understanding of who she is. Inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and … Read more