Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

Extension Classes

YPT Extension classes

YPT offers extension classes to currently enrolled drama students to further develop their skills, confidence and understanding in other areas of the performing arts.

Students in years 2–10 must enrol in a Drama class before they can access the extension class program.  Drama provides the foundational skills for all our classes.

Year 11, 12 and 13 students are able to choose either Think Beyond Drama or Think Beyond Musical Theatre.  Following enrolement in a Think Beyond Course they can access Extension Classes applicable to their Year group.


In Term 3, 2021 Behind the Scenes students will be emerged in a 9-week course focusing on Costume, Hair and Makeup Design. These elements of design can make or break a production and an understanding of these processes is vital to any aspiring costume or makeup designer,  production designer or director.

 NB: Students must enrol in a Drama class before accessing this class.


Musical Theatre combines the disciplines of Singing, Dancing and Acting into one high-energy class. This Ensemble based class is perfect for students who wish to challenge themselves in a fun and supportive environment while they learn how to tell stories through voice, movement and characterisation.


Sing-Act-Move (Yrs 2-5) is the perfect introduction for students interested in exploring the basics of singing, dance, and storytelling. A fun, engaging and supportive class where students learn the fundamentals of performance such as rhythm and musicality through voice work and movement sequences. Students  learn to use their voice and bodies to tell stories and keep active in an upbeat and energetic class. This a great introduction class for students interested in auditioning for our productions or doing Musical Theatre or Dance in future years.


Dance is a great class to strengthen coordination and stay active. Students learn a variety of dance disciplines with a focus on Jazz and Tap. Students will build and strengthen their dance technique through Jazz fundamentals, build Rhythm and Musicality through Tap Dance and learn to pick-up choreography quickly and add character. This active class help students build confidence to audition for our Musical Productions.

JAZZ (YEARS 8-13 )

Designed to strengthen dance technique and give our students the skills and confidence to dance in  Musical Productions . A a supportive and fun class led by experienced dancers and dramatists. Students will focus on dance technique; how to pick up choreography quickly  and how to add character to a part.  

Our Jazz program is split into two levels with our beginner/intermediate class and our Advanced Class. Advanced is by invitation only – many students have progressed to this class from beginner/intermediate.


CURRENT YPT STUDENTS: Register using the private link that is in the email sent on 2 November, 2020

FUTURE YPT STUDENTS:  YRS 2-10 Visit the Theatre School Page of our website HERE to View our Timetable and Waitlist for your preferred drama class. Following enrolment in a drama class you can access our extension classes

FUTURE YPT STUDENTS YRS 11-13: Register on the Theatre School Page for any of our Think Beyond Courses with available spaces.  You are able to choose either a Musical Theatre OR Drama option.  Following enrolment in a Think Beyond course you can access our Extension Class program.  NB: A 25% discount applies for any additional classes for our Senior Students.  For further details go to the Senior Student page HERE