Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

Ezidebit Terms and Conditions

Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

Young People’s Theatre Inc. (YPT) uses Global Payments Australia 1 Pty Ltd ACN 601 396 543 (Direct Debit User ID number 342190, 342191, 428198) (referred to as “Ezidebit”) to manage periodic debits on behalf of YPT.

It is your responsibility to communicate with YPT regarding the preferred start date of your Direct Debit. Direct debits are made on a FORTNIGHTLY BASIS ONLY. It is recommended that where possible you advise YPT of a start date that follows soon your standard pay day. Where YPT does not receive advice from you regarding your preferred start date, they will commence the direct debit after 5 business days of receiving the direct debit instruction on the online registration form.

It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient available/cleared funds in the nominated account by the due date to enable the direct debit to be honoured on the due date for the debit. Direct debits normally occur overnight, however transactions can take up to 3 banking business days depending on the financial institution. As such, sufficient funds should remain in the nominated account until the debit amount has been debited from the account. If there are insufficient funds available Ezidebit will not be responsible for any fees and charges that may be charged.

We DO NOT PASS ON Ezidebit credit card fees or the one-time set-up fee to their customers. However, where there is a failed payment and if a debit is returned by your financial institution as unpaid, a failed payment fee of $14.80 will be charged. You will also be responsible for any fees and charges applied by your financial institution for each unsuccessful debit attempt together with any collection fees, including but not limited to any solicitor fees and/or collection agent fee as may be incurred by Ezidebit.
You authorize Ezidebit to attempt to re-process any unsuccessful payments as advised by YPT.

Ezidebit Privacy Policy
You authorise Ezidebit as your agent for the control, management and protection of your personal information (relating to the YPT and this Direct Debit Request) which is disclosed to Ezidebit. You irrevocably authorise Ezidebit to take all necessary action (which Ezidebit deems necessary) to protect and/or correct, if required, your personal information, including (but not limited to) correcting account numbers and providing such information to relevant third parties and otherwise disclosing or allowing access to my/our personal information to third parties in accordance with the Ezidebit Privacy Policy.

Other than as provided in the Ezidebit Privacy Policy, Ezidebit will keep your personal information about your nominated account private and confidential unless this information is required to investigate a claim made relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit, to be referred to a debt collection agency for the purposes of debt collection or as otherwise required or permitted by law. The Ezidebit Privacy Policy can be found at