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Kid Quotes: The SpongeBob Musical by Emma Visser

Kid Quotes: The SpongeBob Musical by Emma Visser

My Thoughts on Young People’s Theatre’s production of The SpongeBob Musical 
2 minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, July 2022
Written by Emma Visser

Emma is a Year 7 student and attend YPT Drama classes. Emma viewed a preview of the production during our Tech and Dress Rehearsals.


Introduction to characters and then we learn the main plot, which is that the volcano is going to erupt, destroying everything. Sheldon plans on hypnotizing all of Bikini Bottom to buy his cannibalistic burgers. The village descends into madness, some starting conspiracy cults, anti-mammal movements. SpongeBob hatches a plan to save his home.

Sandy and SpongeBob climb into the volcano and Patrick realises he wants his friends. Soon the village descends into madness as the volcano erupts. SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy climb up the mountain and undo the eruption.

Performance Highlights and Review

I enjoyed how creative the set and costumes were. I think it really helped the expression. The overall plot is interesting and well executed. The Lighting was good, the focus was held at certain points and the colors were well chosen. The music is pleasant and exciting to listen to. The costumes were intriguing and interesting to look at. They helped express the character better. The set was well done and fit the scenes well as did the use of the props to indicate a scene change.

Final thoughts.
It is a fun and interesting piece of comedic musical theatre. Fun and intriguing for the whole family.

The SpongeBob has 8 more performances. Join us at YPT for The Best Day Ever. Tickets at 


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