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KIDS Quotes: A Chorus Line (High School Edition) by Brittany Ellis

KIDS Quotes: A Chorus Line (High School Edition) by Brittany Ellis

KIDS Quotes: A Chorus Line (High School Edition) 
3-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, October 2022
Written by: Brittany Ellis 
Pictured: Cast Members of A Chorus Line at YPT

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing the Young People’s Theatre’s production of ‘A Chorus Line’ and I think that it might’ve been the best one I’ve seen yet! The actors really knew how to catch my attention with their strong movements and perfectly projected voices. I found that the story line was not complicated as it was easy to follow and understand. I loved the way that the actors strongly defined their characters’ personalities and roles, which were very creative and interesting. The costumes were breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous! Every little detail was perfect, and the lighting made everything look even better.

The show wasn’t at all rushed and the transitions from scene to scene were so smooth, making the act even more satisfying to watch. I enjoyed watching the way that they all engaged with each other. From the smallest to the strongest emotions, they were shown incredibly!

The performance was amazing with the actors showing how their character wanted to fulfill their dreams through hardship and success.

The whole show was sensational, and I know that if I had the chance to see it again, I would without hesitation.

Brittany Elliss

A Chorus Line opens tonight for a season of just six performances.  Tickets at 


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