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KIDS Quotes: HONK! JR.

KIDS Quotes: HONK! JR.

KIDS Quotes: HONK! JR.
4-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, October 2023
Written by: Chelsea Willis using content from our Kid Quotes Reviewers 
Pictured: Kids Quotes Group 2 students enjoying our current production of HONK! JR.

On our opening day of performances, 13 YPT students came along to see HONK! JR. and gave us their thoughts on the show. Our reviewers were Takira (17), Archer (16), Gabe (14), Beatrice (12), Mya (12), Isla (12), Dominique (10), Xander (9), Sam (9), Georgia (9), Sienna (8), Elizabeth (8) and Charlie (7).

Sienna described HONK! JR. is a ‘really meaningful’ production because it tells a ‘good story about how you should love yourself’. Sienna went on to describe the storyline as ‘a swan that has been mixed up with some ducks and is bullied for it’. Charlie says the story is about ‘a duckling, that is not really a duckling‘ with another young reviewer Elizabeth saying the show is ‘special’ and said the story makes sense and follows the storyline of the Ugly Duckling. ‘We follow the adventures of Ugly from the running from villainous cat to transforming into a beautiful swan. It covers many topics of embracing yourself and being who you want to be‘ said Gabe. Takira says that the production ‘is a journey of self – discovery and finding love and acceptance in being different’. Mya mentioned that in the end all of the character realize ‘it is on what is on the inside that counts’. Dominique summarized by saying ‘Ugly take us on a Wild Goose Chase‘ which couldn’t be more true.

KIDS Quotes Reviewers Group 1
KIDS Quotes Reviewers Group 1

Takira also commented that the costuming was impressive part of the production and the design ‘really suited the characters’ and Georgia commenting that ‘all the costumes were really good’. Other reviewers were impressed with the blizzard staging, ‘I really enjoyed the blizzard. It was really good staging and everyone played a really good part in it.’ (Gabe) with Xander commenting, ‘I also really liked the blizzard!‘. Isla said the ‘set was very stunning, there was a lot of colors and the costumes were really bright and matched the mood of the characters’.  Dominique also commented the ‘vines in the frog scenes’ are a great set piece.

Lots of students commented that the villainous character of the Cat was a crowd favorite amongst the audience, especially when ‘the cat was trying to cook the ugly duckling‘ (Xander). Archer also really enjoyed the Cat saying they ‘bought lots of presence to the stage‘. Mya’s favorite song was also ‘Play with your Food‘ which is a vital moment for the Cat’s character.

Archer who is 16 also commented that from watching younger students in the audience, he noted they looked like they enjoyed the production just as much as he did. Takira says they not only ‘learned a lot’ from watching the production but also ‘got to see some many people of all ages viewing or being in the production and having so much fun‘. Beatrice mentioned the show ‘has good jokes for all ages’, we have enjoyed watching adults and children laugh equally during the performances.

It’s a good production’ Xander said with Sam commenting that other young people should ‘definitely‘ come and see the show this school holidays. Takira said ‘the overall message is it is ‘okay to be different. You can still be different and also beautiful‘ which is a really important takeaway from the production. Charlie finished the review by giving the HONK! JR. 4.5 honks out of 5.

HONK! JR. plays for a further 10 performances at Young People’s Theatre. All tickets are $25 and at children’s prices. Book at 


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