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Meet the Creatives: Ollie Abel

Jabberwock Directing Team

Meet the Creatives: Ollie Abel

3 minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, January 2022

With Beware the Jabberwock opening this week, we thought we would ask a member of the Creative Team what it has been like to work on this production. Ollie Abel is a tutor at YPT and most recently did Assistant Sound Design on BUNYIPS; a big beautiful mess of a play.

“Jabberwock has been an amazing opportunity for me as a director, I absolutely love working with children, and I love directing. So being able to co-direct this play with such an amazing variety of talented children has been incredible. One of the highlights for me is when children would come forward with their own

Ollie Abelideas and suggestions for what we could do in the play, I’m proud of how much this has been a team effort every cast member has put so much into this play and really taken it into their own hands. Another moment that has stuck with me is just the other day, when the understudy troupe came on board, some of the cast took it upon themselves to help them out and teach them their parts with so much enthusiasm. I’m blown away by how this cast has handled everything that was thrown at them, from Zoom rehearsals to venue changes, they never complained and kept going with the same enthusiasm” – Ollie Abel, Co-Director.

Beware the Jabberwock is playing at the Hamilton Hive for a one week season starting Monday 24th January. Ollie is Co-Directing this production with Clara Barcan, Alice Hollot and Campbell Knox, assisted by Amelia Accardi. Tickets all $20 and available at 

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