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YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Mikala

YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Mikala

YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Mikala
3-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, March 2023
Questions by: Hannah Richens 
Pictured: Mikala at YPT (above) and Mikala performing in YPT’s recent productions (below)

YPT is thrilled to welcome the Mikala officially to the YPT Tutoring team. Mikala was a participant in our Beginner Tutor Program is 2022 and upon really impressing us with her initiative and organization has graduated to join the tutoring team teaching drama. You may recognize her from her performance as Juliet in our 2022 production of Romeo and Juliet and is a part of the Think Beyond Cohort. Mikala is an intelligent tutor who shows so much initiative with her creative and impressive ideas.

Mikala as a tutor at YPT

Describe what you do as a creative in one sentence?
Mikala: I create and share stories of all kinds through drama, music and writing.

What is your favourite theatre memory?
Oh, there are so many! I actually think the best feeling is that moment in time before a show starts, especially the first show of a production, when everyone is waiting side stage for the opening cue and you can hear the hum of the audience just on the other side of the curtain. There’s this really powerful feeling that always comes over me, when we’re all about to see the hard work of many rehearsals finally come to fruition.

What inspires you to do theatre?
The kinship between the people you get to work with, you meet all kinds of amazing talented people through theatre. The reactions of the audience are also always an incredibly rewarding experience.

What are you excited about teaching YPT students?
I really look forward to support students in finding their strengths and confidence in performing.

What do you love about theatre/dance/drama?
What I absolutely love about theatre is how you can take things that are so far fetched from your own life, or so close and personal and create beautiful art with it.

What is your favourite play or musical?
My favourite musical is Anastasia, I love the soundtrack and how fairytale like it is.

What is one piece of advice you could give to any YPT student?
Always give something a go, whether it’s auditioning for that role you really want, or experimenting with a new method of acting, the best thing you can do is try.

Are you excited to be apart of YPT Tutoring Team?
I am sooo excited! I always looked up to YPT tutors so so much growing up and its such a blessing to have the opportunity to encourage the next generation of theatre kids.

Mikala will be assisting our Senior Tutors with Drama on Thursday, sharing her skills with the next generation of young performers. You can also catch Mikala onstage in our Think Beyond production of PUFFS and as Kristoff in Frozen JR. later this year.


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