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Spotlight On: Our Production Assistants

Jade and Brynn

Spotlight On: Our Production Assistants

Spotlight On: Our production Assistants, Brynn and Jade 
3-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, February 2023
Written by: Chelsea Willis
Pictured: Jade Wainwright and Brynn Jackson on the set of Tuck Everlasting (Photo by Riley McLean)

For each of our YPT productions, YPT engages students to join the creative team as Production Assistants. This is a role on the creative team, where the students get to work along side the adult members of the creative team to lead the students through the production process. Brynn Jackson and Jade Wainwright are the Production Assistants on Tuck Everlasting, and they have been exceptional members of the team. They have both gone above and beyond in their positions and will even be joining the cast for some performances.

Brynn and Jade are both Think Beyond Students at YPT and graduates from the Beginner Tutor Program from which they were offered roles as tutors at YPT for 2023. Find out more about their experience on Tuck Everlasting (Theatre for Young Audiences Edition) below.

Tell us what a Production Assistant is? 

Tuck Everlasting team at our induction

Brynn: A Production Assistant is a YPT member in Years 10/11/12 who are a part of the production team for a YPT show. They watch and practice the skills that they are taught by their other experienced team members, and learn the processes and behind the scenes of putting on a production.
Jade: A production assistant is a student member of the directing team who is there to learn the ropes of what it’s like on this side of theatre, and just help out with things that may need to be done during the rehearsal and over the show season.

What has been most rewarding about being involved in Tuck Everlasting? 

Brynn: The cast and team I have been lucky enough to work with in this production of Tuck Everlasting is the most rewarding part of the experience. They have allowed me to learn and grow as a performer through their skills and training, along with creating such an amazing and enjoyable environment to work in together.
Jade: Working with such a talented and kind group of young people, and understanding the pride that comes with seeing the growth and joy that comes with putting a show on stage.

What have you learned from this experience that will help you with your own performance?

Brynn: Within this experience I was able to take a step away from the stage, and view a performance from a completely new angle. Teaching me that it is often the little things in performing that can make the biggest difference, such as reacting, engaging your whole body, and ways to create natural flow and meaning.
I have learnt to not second guess myself as much in the rehearsal room, because in an environment as supportive as YPT productions, the collective goal is to create, and everyone deserves and is worthy of being there to make magic!


Tuck has many themes. What do you hope the audience will take from watching the show? 

Brynn: Tuck Everlasting tells a beautiful story of the importance of living your life to the fullest, and being grateful for the things you have. I hope the audience takes away the significance of their loved ones and to never take time for granted.
I really hope audiences are uplifted by this show. It’s a bit like, yeah life is short, but the joy and connection and fun that comes with that is what makes it fabulous.

Why should people see Tuck Everlasting? 

Brynn: Everyone should see Tuck Everlasting because of the talented cast who work closely together to bring the magical story of the Tucks and Winnie Foster to life. They honestly light up the stage and will make you laugh, cry and understand the importance of life all at the same time.
Tuck is such a beautiful show in all aspects of its production and a lot of talented people are working so incredibly hard to tell this magical story. Just remember to bring your tissues because it will make you smile and cry and laugh in all the best possible ways!

Brynn and Jade both recently appeared in our Viral Tik Tok series – ‘Different ways Actor exit the stage’ which at the time of publishing has 8.6 MILLION views. As Production Assistants they have also been creating Tuck Everlasting themed content which will be released in the coming days. Follow YPTnewcastle on Tik Tok to see what they have been up to!


Tuck Everlasting (Theatre for Young Audience Edition) opens on 10 February at YPT Theatre. Tickets from $25 – book at

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