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Pinocchio tickets now on sale

Pinochio tickets now on sale

Pinocchio tickets now on sale

Tickets for our upcoming production of Pinocchio are now on sale. Book online 24/7 or at the YPT Box Office in person or by phone 49614895 (during office hours only 9-1pm Saturdays).

Carlo Colodi’s centuries-old tale about a marionette that comes to life after learning to be brave, faithful and truthful has been captivating children for centuries. Come and join Pinocchio, his cricket friend, Claudius, the suave con-artist Ignatius and his unfortunate accomplice Hiccup and a host of other colourful and fun characters as this tale is brought to life once more.

This beloved children’s classic amazes and delights the audience as Pinocchio gradually discovers the dangers of selfishness and the importance of honesty, told with all the hallmarks of traditional pantomimes in this fantastic adventure to delight all ages!

Directed by: Michael Nolan
Musical Director: Michael Nolan
Choreographer: Casey Nolan
Assistant Directors: Shoba Alexander and Maddie Newland

Performance Schedule (with Cast name)
Mon Jul 9 11am (Oak)
Tues Jul 10 11am (Pine)
Wed Jul 11 11am (Pine)
Wed Jul 11 7pm (Opening Night Oak)
Thurs Jul 12 11am (Pine)
Fri Jul 13 11am (Oak)
Sat Jul 14 2pm (Pine)
Sat Jul 14 7pm (Oak)
Sat Jul 21 2pm (Pine)
Sun Jul 22 2pm (Oak)
Sat Jul 28 2pm (Oak)
Sun Jul 29 2pm (Pine)
Sat Aug 4 2pm (Pine)
Sun Aug 5 2pm (Oak)
Sat Aug 11 2 pm (Oak)
Sun Aug 12 2pm (Pine)
Sat Aug 18 2pm (Oak)
Sat Aug 18 7pm (Pine)

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