Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

YPT Private Tuition Terms and Conditions

YPT Private Tuition Terms and Conditions (singing, drama, tap)


  • YPT private lessons are available to students currently enrolled in a YPT Drama class.
  • Lessons are 30-minutes and are held weekly for the duration of a YPT term of either 9 or 10 weeks.
  • All correspondence regarding private lessons should be sent to
  • Fees are paid via Visa or MasterCard using the online registration process or payment link on the invoice email. Lessons may commence once full payment is received.
  • Additional time is not given for students who arrive late.
  • On arrival at YPT, students are to check in at the Office.
  • Students are requested to bring a water bottle and their lesson folder to every class.
  • Students are encouraged to practice between lessons, as advised by their tutor.
  • Parents may arrange to speak with the tutor by emailing or as required during their child’s allocated lesson time. Discussions are not to impact other students’ lessons.
  • For child protection purposes lessons are in rooms where there is a window on the door. Where this is not possible, the door will remain open.

Missed Lessons

Tutor absence
If a tutor misses a lesson and a substitute tutor cannot be arranged, a rescheduled lesson will be made at a mutually agreeable time. Where a suitable time cannot be arranged, the missed lesson will be credited to the next term.

Student absence
If a student is to be absent from a private lesson, the absence must be notified at the point at which the invoice is paid.  Private lessons missed after the invoice due date will incur the regular fee.

Scheduling Missed lessons

  • Rescheduled lessons are held during the tutors regular singing lesson time slots, for example, during an unfilled lesson slot or a slot made vacant by the absence of another student, or
  • In the week prior to or during the school holidays


Where a student wishes to cease singing lessons, a refund will be given for remaining lessons if cancellation is within the first 2 weeks of enrolment. The refund will be less a cancellation fee of $50.