Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

YPT Singing Terms and Conditions: Private Tuition

YPT Singing Terms and Conditions: Individual Lessons


  • YPT individual singing lesson are only available to students currently enrolled in a YPT Drama class.
  • Lessons are 30-minutes and are held weekly for the duration of a YPT term of either 9 or 10 weeks.
  • Enrolment is for a single term only. Time slots and singing teachers may vary from term to term and families must re-enrol in singing lessons prior to the commencement of each term.
  • All correspondence regarding singing lessons should be sent to
  • Fees are paid via Visa or MasterCard using the online registration process or payment link on the invoice email. Classes may commence once full payment is received.
  • Additional time is not given for late arrivals.
  • On arrival at YPT, students should wait directly outside the classroom. This ensures every student receives their full lesson time
  • Students are requested to bring a water bottle and folder to every class.
  • Students are encouraged to practice between lessons as advised by their tutor.
  • Parents may arrange to speak with the tutor by emailing or as required during their child’s allocated lesson time. Discussions should not interrupt other students’ lessons.
  • For child protection purposes lessons will be in rooms where there is a window on the door. Where this is not possible the door will remain open.

Make-up Lesson Eligibility

Students are eligible for a maximum of 2 makeup lessons per term. Make-up lessons will apply in the following circumstances:

i. Unplanned student absences
Where a student is unavailable for a scheduled lesson and you email within the following notice periods you will be eligible for a make-up lesson:

  • Saturday morning lessons: by 4pm on Friday
  • Weekday afternoon lessons: by 9am on the day of the lesson
  • Outside of the above hours: where a doctor’s certificate is provided

ii. Planned student absences (e.g. family vacation, school camp)
7 days’ notice to (or more where possible).

iii. Tutor absence
If a tutor misses a lesson and a substitute tutor cannot be arranged, a rescheduled lesson will be made at a time that is suitable for the student and tutor within the same term. Where a suitable time cannot be arranged, the missed lesson will be credited to the next term.

Scheduling Make-up lessons

All make-up lessons are to be within the same term as the missed lesson. If you are unable to attend one of the make-up lesson times offered the lesson will be forfeited and will not be transferred to the following term. Make-up lessons will be scheduled either:

  • During one of your tutors regular singing lesson time slots. Ordinarily this would be during an unfilled lesson time or due to a vacancy by another student who is absent.
  • Towards the end of term or during the holidays following the end of term, YPT will provide a limited range of make-up lesson slots.


Where a student wishes to cease singing lessons, a refund will be given for remaining lessons if cancellation is within the first 2 weeks of enrolment. The refund will be less a cancellation fee of $50.