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Spotlight On: Our New Tutor, Grace

Spotlight On: Our New Tutor, Grace

YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Grace
3-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, January 2023
Written by: Hannah Richens 
Pictured: Grace out the front of YPT 

YPT is thrilled to welcome the delightful Grace to our YPT Tutoring team. YPT is always excited to welcome new individuals to our growing team! Join us getting to know Grace a little better below!

Our new casual tutor, Grace

Describe what you do as a creative in one sentence?
Grace: Encourage others to find confidence in themselves through creative expression.

What is your favourite theatre memory?
Any pre-show warm ups. Especially if they’re vocal warm ups with harmonies! I love the atmosphere before a show/ performance.

What inspires you to do theatre?
The talented community around me, my family, Disney movies and Julie Andrews.

What are you excited about teaching YPT students?
I am passionate about voice and speech, and I’m really keen to bring my background in that into all my YPT classes, as I feel breath and voice awareness is the starting point of any great performer.

What do you love about theatre/dance/drama?
 I love entertaining and enthralling an audience, I love wearing fun costumes and stepping into the lives of different characters, I love the community that creativity cultivates. I especially love the joy, colour and fantastical nature of musical theatre.

What is your favourite play or musical?
My favourite play is A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Potus. For Musicals, Waitress, Hadestown, Phantom of the Opera, Anastasia… there is too many!

What is one piece of advice you could give to any YPT student?
Never forget, your future is unlimited!

Are you excited to be apart of YPT?
11/10 excited!

Grace joined the YPT Tutoring team in Term 4 last year working on a variety of classes as a casual tutor. Grace is joining us again in 2023 taking regular classes and also working with us as a singing tutor. Grace is also working on Frozen JR as the Assistant Director. 


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