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Spotlight On: That time we went viral on Tik Tok 

Spotlight On: That time we went viral on Tik Tok 

Spotlight On: That time we went viral on Tik Tok 
3-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, March 2023
Written by: Chelsea Willis
Pictured: Our YPT Tik Tok Account just 3 days after going viral

Picture this… you wake up one morning, check your phone. You double take, not sure if you have seen it correctly. You look again and realise the video you posted the night before has nearly 1 million views on Tik Tok. You can’t believe your eyes. Over the next hour it hits 1 million, then 2 million, then 5 million and now 16 MILLION and connects theatre kids all over the world.

Well this is exactly what happen to our video ‘Different Ways Actors Exit the Stage’ which was created by YPT tutors, Caitlin, Hannah, Brynn and Roeni. A skit that was created for the purposes of entertaining our own students we had no idea of the reach and popularity this video would have. Our YPT students were very passionate about wanting Tik Tok content, so our account was created with the intention of showing a less polished, more behind the scenes view of what happens at YPT so our viewers can really get a sense of the community and fun we have backstage and also to share some #theatrekid content. Little did we know it would literally reach millions of Theatre Kids around the world.

The video continues to attract attention with articles in the Newcastle Herald and an interview on ABC radio. It has been liked by millions of people (literal) and continues to increase in views and interactions each day. And now we have hit 40 000 followers on the account!

We love that we have now created an online audience that we can share our creativity with and have another vehicle to perform through; not just so people can see what we do at YPT, but in general to share the love of the arts and theatre with the world. Come join 40K others and follow us on Tik Tok @yptnewcastle 

Haven’t seen the video yet? Watch here:


What are some other ways that you have seen poeple leave the stage? #theatretiktok #ypt #theatrekid #leavethestage

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If you have any ideas for our Tik Tok, let us know! We would love to hear from you! 

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