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Spotlight On: The Electric Skates

Electric Skates (Barnacle Boy)

Spotlight On: The Electric Skates

Spotlight on: The Electric Skates
3-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, July 2022
Written by: Holly Fishlock and Chelsea Willis
Pictured: Barnacle Boy Cast as Electric Skates 

The trio with the most quick changes and arguably the coolest make-up, meet the Electric Skates played by Billie Tiffenright, Ruby Edwards and Emma Green (Barnacle Boy) Madalena Mathews, Evie Byrant and Asha Olsen (Mermaid Man). Our Trio of skates not only play their Electric Skates characters but also the Krillettes, Buster Bluetang/Clarissa Clam/Daisy Discuss, Sardine Devotees and are in pretty much every musical number in the production. They have a very busy show run. Watch their quick changes here.

We chatted to the Electric Skates about their experience working on The SpongeBob Musical. Here’s what they had to say.

Electric Skates (Mermaid Man)
Electric Skates (Mermaid Man)

What has been the most challenging part about your role in The SpongeBob Musical?
Ruby: The most challenging part would have to be learning how to skate and remembering all our harmonies.

Emma: Learning to dance and sing and use a guitar all while on wheels is the most challenging this. Plus all of our quick changes!

Has it been fun taking characters from SpongeBob and putting them on stage? How have you developed these characters and made them your own?
Asha: It has been so fun becoming the crazy underwater characters and making up your own story behind them. I really enjoyed becoming an Electric Skate and acting like a Bikini Bottom rock star. The electric skates have such a cool vibe, and it has been so enjoyable bringing the characters to life. The electric skates are all so different and we have a different approaches to them.

Evie: It has been super fun to play characters I had seen on my tv for years.  It has also been really exciting to develop our characters into our own.  While rehearsing, it’s been really cool to develop story lines about our characters and how they are feeling amidst all this chaos in Bikini Bottom! I also love how unique everyone’s character is and I think that’s what makes our whole ensemble really great.

What is your favourite onstage moment as an Electric Skate? 
Ruby: My favourite part would have to be our song (bikini bottom boogie) because it is fun and up beat.

Billie: I love it when we come out for the first time and there is smoke everywhere or the ending when we are just rocking out.

Many of you are also playing understudies. With such a massive load as the Electric Skates and all your other characters, what is that like?
Asha (SpongeBob Understudy): It has been a great opportunity to learn what it is like to be an understudy and to not only learn your own part but to learn another role. It was tricky at times to practice SpongeBob, as my main priority was learning my own role, but it has been an amazing challenge to learn and grow as a performer, it has been so fun!

Evie (Patrick Understudy): Being an understudy as well as other roles is definitely a fun challenge to take on! As an understudy I really enjoy getting the experience in watching and learning from older members of the cast and see how they tackle amazing parts.

Why should people come and see The SpongeBob Musical?
Ruby: Because it’s awesome! It’s fun and colorful and has great underlying message.

Asha: The SpongeBob Musical is totally amazing! It is such an energetic show full of colour that it is perfect for any age. Everyone has been working so hard behind the scenes to make this production come to life and it is a must-see show!

Evie: Everyone should come watch this fun and entertaining show!  This show has been so fun to be a part of and it’s definitely for kids, grandparents and anyone who wants to come see!  You get to see the amazing iconic characters in SpongeBob come to life! It’s definitely a show to watch!!

There is 7 more opportunities to catch the Electric Skate live in action. Book for The SpongeBob Musical at


Backstage dressed as Krillettes
Backstage dressed as Krillettes



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