Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

Covid Safe

YPT’s Covid Safe Conditions of Entry

1-2 minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, July 2020

Please read YPT’s Conditions of Entry.

If you have experienced a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breathe or have been overseas or in an Australian Hot Spot in the last month, you may not enter YPT.

– YPT is a registered COVID SAFE organisation and has your safety as our number one priority.
– Only students, staff and designated volunteers will have access to our venues at this time.
– Enter through the foyer doors at YPT and the main gate at HSPA and use the hand hygiene station.
– Do not arrive early for class. Students will not be allowed into the space until their class time.

Here is a video that outlines that Covid Safe Elements at YPT!