Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

YPT Terms and Conditions

YPT Terms and Conditions

Adult Membership and Working With Children Check

Young People’s Theatre Newcastle Inc. (YPT) is a self-funded, community-based organisation, governed by a Constitution with a large volunteer base.  Adult Membership is a requirement for a minimum of one parent per family and for employees, adult tutors and  volunteers.

Adult Membership is renewed and invoiced yearly. Adult members accept YPT Objectives as detailed on our website and agree to YPT policies and procedures. Adult Members may attend General Meetings, vote in meetings (after 3 meetings have been attended in the previous twelve months); hold elected or appointed officer positions; audition for and/or become involved in productions depending on the criteria set by the Artistic Director for that production.

Our priority is to provide a safe environment for our young people. Adult Members must provide a Working with Children Check (WWCC) before a  student is eligible to audition for a production.

Extension Classes

Students enrolled in a YPT Drama class can access extension classes. Current Drama students have exclusive access to enrol in a range of Musical Theatre, Jazz, Tap, Sing-Act-Move and private singing lessons.  Contact for availability and registration details. Extension class descriptions can be viewed HERE. Timetable information can be found on the Theatre School page.

YPT for Senior Students

The YPT Think Beyond program is for senior students (Yrs 11-13). Students can choose either Think Beyond Drama OR Think Beyond Musical Theatre or both.  Where a Think Beyond Student attends more than one YPT class, additional classes will attract a 25% discount e.g. Class 2 (25% discount); Class 3 (25% discount) etc.  Further details of the Think Beyond program can be found HERE 


Theatre School Attendance

Punctuality is extremely important within the Performing Arts Industry and in turn at YPT.  YPT considers punctuality when casting productions.

To retain a place in a drama class in the following semester appropriate behaviour and a 75% attendance rate over the previous twelve months (or pro rata for a shorter period of enrolment) is required.

Applications for leave of absence may be emailed to for leave greater than 2 weeks for family holidays or ongoing illness. Approved leave of absence will be excluded from the 75% attendance policy.

Leave of absence will not be approved for sport, other weekly commitments personal or school commitments, short holidays (less than 2 weeks), participation in productions with other theatre companies; or events with schools or other organisations.  Leave of absence will not be approved for one-off sick days.

Eligibility to audition for YPT Productions

Students are eligible to audition for Productions based on:

  • appropriate behaviour, punctuality and participation in drama and extension classes
  • 75% attendance in Theatre School Drama classes for the previous semester; or as prescribed by the audition eligibility criteria
  • continued attendance at drama classes during the rehearsal phase and performance season
  • appropriate record of attendance and behaviour in previous productions
  • parent volunteer support in previous productions
  • parent provision of a current WWCC prior to the audition to enable them to volunteer during the production season.
  • student and parent attendance at a Production Information Meeting (PIM)
  • lodgement of a parent signed Production Commitment Form at the audition
  • further information is available in our FAQ’s on our Theatre Company page of our website.

Fees and refunds

Fees must be either paid  prior to attendance or have an EziDirect arrangement set up.  Refunds will not be given for missed classes. Late fees will be charged where payment is not made by the due date.  Upon registration families can choose to pay fees as follows:

  • immediately via MasterCard or Visa
  • by a flexible payment fortnightly Direct Debit plan. Full details HERE
  • by the ‘Invoice Me’ option. This is frequently used for families who have a Creative or Active Kids voucher to claim. NB: These vouchers must be submitted to YPT on the form found on the Theatre School Page of our website.

A refund will only be given if a student decides to withdraw during the first 2 weeks of enrolment. YPT will refund the remaining classes less an administration fee of $50. After a period of 2 weeks no refunds will apply.

YPT Uniform

Students are required to wear the YPT uniform as detailed below. In addition, both adults and students must wear enclosed shoes in backstage areas of the theatre. YPT follows a consistent procedure relating to uniform.  Repeated instances of not wearing the uniform may result in the student not being involved in class activities.

YPT has a uniform code for the following reasons:

  • Wearing the YPT uniform focuses students minds on what lies ahead in drama classes. It provides a separation from other activities and the world of drama indicating that drama is the priority.
  • The uniform removes children from the identity of their personal school uniform which can indirectly exclude others without that uniform. 
  • The uniform promotes a sense of community and is an external sign of belonging to the YPT family.
  • To allow ease of movement with adequate coverage to reduce any risk of exposure that may cause embarrassment.
  • Drama is often physical; students often find themselves in a range of extreme physical positions.

YPT Drama class base uniform

Musical Theatre + Jazz uniform

YPT base uniform + black jazz or dance shoes

Tap uniform

YPT base uniform + tap shoes

Special Events uniform (e.g. Sparkle + Shine, Jamboree)

YPT base uniform

Safety/Emergency Procedures

Any person moving from the foyer into the backstage area or entering through Stage Door is required to sign in and out of the theatre.  This is a demonstration of our commitment to safety.  Emergency Drills are scheduled at the theatre prior to productions and Evacuation Notices are displayed throughout the theatre buildings.

YPT is required to keep the gates at the Hunter School for the Performing Arts (HSPA) locked during Saturday morning classes.

Parents/carers arriving late to pick up their children after classes or rehearsals will incur a late pick up fee. The invoice will be emailed and added to your account.

Provision of medical and wellbeing information for YPT to support child

YPT requires that parents notify any health or other issues that could affect the welfare of their child at YPT.  Issues may include general medical or custody issues, learning difficulties or physical disabilities.  At enrolment, we require parents to provide details of any issues and possible strategies to address the issues.

In relation to heath issues, we ask that you nominate the issue, e.g. asthma, allergy, etc., indicate what intervention is required and where necessary, provide a copy of an up to date Medical Action Plan.

Necessary physical contact

Drama classes and rehearsals include the development and exploration of activities that may involve students coming into direct physical contact with the teacher and/or tutor.

Injuries and Loss of Personal Effects

Our classes and activities often involve the development and exploration of physical skills, such as running. These activities carry the risk of physical harm. It is understood and agreed that YPT will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during YPT activities

YPT will not be held responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings whilst at classes.

Student expression and the right to feel safe

All students have the right to feel safe to express themselves in our classes without fear of ridicule, bullying behaviour or physical harm. If any student is in breach of this expectation, YPT has the authority to exclude him or her indefinitely without a refund.

Class observation

Parents and friends are not permitted to observe YPT classes. Parents are invited to attend open days that are held approximately once per semester.

Photography and Videoing

Parents and students are not permitted to take photographs or video recordings of their child/children or other YPT students while they are engaged in YPT activities.

Consent for YPT to use images

YPT reserves the right to make archival photographic and/or visual recordings of classes, rehearsals, events, excursions and productions for inclusion in YPT archives and for use in YPT multimodal marketing publications.

Student Associate Membership

Students in Year 12 , who have been enrolled at YPT for a minimum of 2 years and have an appropriate participation and attendance record, are eligible to apply for Student Associate Membership. Year 12 is defind by YPT to start in January of the final year at school and NoT in Term 4 of the preceding year as defined by the Department of Education. Associate Membership enables YPT students who meet the stipulated criteria to be eligible to audition for productions while not being required to attend weekly drama classes.  Acceptance is at the discretion of the Management Committee. If accepted, payment of the prescribed fee is required.

Confirmation and Acknowledgement

Upon payment of fees and membership you are stating that you understand, acknowledge and agree with all of YPT’s terms and conditions.

Changes to YPT’s terms and conditions can and will occur from time to time



  1. During the COVID 19 exceptional circumstance period, YPT will provide continuity of  access to YPT classes via carefully prepared Online classes for as many classes as possible.   While every effort will be made to retain classes as timetabled,  for operational reasons, some classes may be combined and/or have their time varied.
  2. Students and Tutors engaged in online classes are not permitted to photograph or record any images of the screen or online class.   This is consistent with the ‘Photographing and Videoing’ condition below and is directly related to child protection. Parents are permitted to photograph their own child participating in online classes provided it does not include the screen.
  3. Students are to dress in their YPT uniform for online classes. This is a reflection of the reasons for wearing a uniform detailed in the ‘YPT Uniform’ section below.
  4. Students are to ensure their environment  is appropriate. Students and parents must ensure that classes are not attended while sitting on a bed and the background environment must not  face a bathroom or an area that includes family members. 
  5. Students are expected to behave sensibly and follow tutor instructions at all times.   A student may be muted by the tutor if their behaviour is inappropriate.  Parents will be contacted to discuss the matter following the class.
  6. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure the student has a safe and appropriate place to join the lessons.  Parents must ensure the area is free from hazards. This includes trip hazards and safe wiring.
  7. For safety reasons, parents should ensure children locate water bottles away from computer /electrical equipment.
  8. YPT will not be responsible for any damage to personal equipment or personal injury as a result of participation in YPT online classes.
  9. Due to the efficiencies realised in an online environment; the extensive planning required; the lack of distractions;  and the attention span of students, class times may be reduced by 15-30minutes depending on the age of the students.
  10. While it is preferable and encouraged for students to maintain continuity with their YPT classes, YPT understands that some families will be unable to access online classes for personal or COVID 19 financial reasons.  As such they will offer families the option to either: donate their Term 2 fees to YPT; credit Term 2 fees to Semester 2; obtain a refund for Term 2 classes.
  11. While it is understood that parents may wish to observe the interactions their child is having during an online class, parents are not permitted to participate in classes or ask the tutor questions of a technical nature.  A dedicated technical channel will be provided for this purpose.
  12. All other terms and conditions with the exception of ‘Theatre School Attendance‘ as detailed below remain in place during this period.  As a gesture of goodwill, and in recognition of the circumstances surrounding this situation, YPT will relax the Theatre School Attendance Policy.  This period will be excluded for the purposes of future enrolment and production eligibility.