Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

Theatre School

YPT Theatre School offers a structured developmental program to allow children between the ages of eight (year 2) and eighteen (year 12) to follow their interests and develop theatre skills.

YPT is for all children interested in theatre/drama – there is no expectation that new students are especially ‘talented’. Our expectations are that children make a commitment to classes, that they attend on a regular basis and that they do their very best.  

YPT Enrolment Process



YPT welcomes students from Year 2 to Year 12 at school. Students are placed according to their class at school, i.e. a Year 4 school student is placed in a Year 4 YPT class. (Students in Year 1 may register  to be on a Waiting List for a Year 2 class in the following year).

Our enrolment and waitlist procedure reflects the high demand for YPT classes and ensures that families are serious about joining the YPT Theatre School. For many classes there is a waitlist. In some cases there may be an immediate vacancy and an offer of a place will be made.

NB: A non-refundable Waitlist Administration Fee of $10 per class applies to each class that your child is waitlisted on. This is not deducted from fees where an offer of enrolment is made.

Waitlist conditions

  • At regular intervals we email and SMS individuals on the waitlist to confirm if they are still interested in a place. If we do not receive a response after 48 hours the child’s name will be removed from the waitlist.
  • When a drama class position becomes available, an offer via SMS and email will be sent to the first person on the waitlist. This offer is valid for 48 hours. If YPT does not receive a response in this timeframe the position will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.
  • YPT Timetabling may occasionally vary from Semester to Semester and YPT and weekday classes may change to a different day of the week or time.

Please note that places at our Theatre School are in demand and it is recommended you place your child’s name on the waitlist as early as possible. Interested students do not need to supply evidence of performance ability and there is no audition to gain entry to the theatre school.

Please read our YPT terms and conditions. Upon payment of fees and membership you are stating that you understand, acknowledge and agree with all of YPT’s terms and conditions.

Theatre school fees and timetable information below.

Fees are paid on a semester basis, ie. 2 school terms. For insurance purposes, students are not permitted to start classes prior to the finalisation of enrolment and fee payment. 

Fees are charged according to the length of the class:

  • Drama classes Year 3.1 to Senior are of 90 minutes duration
  • Drama Year 2 and 3.2 classes, Musical Theatre, High School Jazz and Tap Dance classes are of 60 minutes duration
  • Primary Jazz and TAP classes are 45 minutes duration
  • Singing Lessons are of 30 minutes duration

There are no additional fees related to productions.



90 minute class:

  • $365.00 for the first child in the family

60 minute class:

  • $265.00 for the first child in the family

45 minute class:

  • $187.00 for the first child in the family


  • Singing lessons are $35.00 for a 30 minute weekly lesson.  Minimum enrolment in Singing is for one (1) term making the final fee dependent on the number of weeks in the term.  

2019 Class timetable


  • YPT Theatre is on the corner of Lindsay and Lawson Streets in Hamilton.
  • Hunter School of the Performing Arts (HSPA) is on Lambton Road Broadmeadow.

Please read our YPT terms and conditions. Upon payment of fees and membership you are stating that you understand, acknowledge and agree with all of YPT’s terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions about YPT enrolment, uniform and eligibility for productions can be found in our comprehensive terms and conditions

Re enrolment Deadline: Monday 25 January

Term 1 (10 weeks)
Saturday class – 2 February to 6 April
Monday class – 4 February to 8 April
Tuesday class – 5 February to 9 April
Wednesday class – 6 February to 10 April
Thursday class – 7 February to 11 April

Term 2 (9 weeks)
Monday class – 29 April to 24 June
Tuesday class – 30 April to 25 June
Wednesday class – 1 May to 26 June
Thursday class – 2 May to 27 June
Saturday class – 4 May to 29 June

Re enrolment Deadline: Friday 21 June

Term 3 (9 weeks)
Monday class – 22 July to 16 September
Tuesday class – 23 July to 17 September
Wednesday class – 24 July to 18 September
Thursday class – 25 July to 19 September
Saturday class – 27 July to 21 September

Term 4 (9 weeks)
Monday class – 14 October to 9 December
Tuesday class – 15 October to 10 December
Wednesday class – 16 October to 11 December
Thursday class – 17 October to 12 December
Saturday class – 19 October to 14 December

There are no classes during school holidays.

Classes are held at either the  YPT theatre in Hamilton or the Hunter School for the Performing Arts (HSPA), Lambton Road, Broadmeadow.  For exact locations for each class see the Class Timetable above in the FAQ section.

Classes are taught by senior YPT tutors who are current drama practitioners with background skills and training. Tutor/student ratios are small and most classes have a Senior Tutor and a Tutor.

Learn more about our team and management committee.

To be eligible to audition for YPT productions, young people must be enrolled in YPT classes. When YPT students are provided with information on upcoming productions, they are notified of the Audition Criteria.

For more detailed information please refer to the Theatre Company FAQs.

YPT requires that parents notify any health or other issues that could affect the welfare of their child at YPT. Issues may include general, medical or custody issues, learning difficulties or physical disabilities. At enrolment, we require parents to provide details of any issues and possible strategies to support their child while they attend YPT.

Yes, if your child is in a production there is a commitment to volunteering with our Not-For-Profit organisation that is registered as a charity.  

We actively promote a culture away from maximising profits towards inclusion for all families by extending substantially lower fees than similar organisations’ in the region.   Uniquely, despite significantly high operating expenses, YPT provides performance and production opportunities for students at zero to minimal cost.

At the core of YPT volunteering is the parent commitment to assist during productions.  This commitment includes being rostered during the pre-production and production season when your child is in the cast.  This may include duties such as front of house, dressing room supervision, canteen and stage door. It also includes assisting  the wardrobe coordinator with your child’s costume.  Usually families volunteer for 3-5 shifts in the pre-production period and 3-5 shifts in the production period. The number depends on the number in the cast, age of the children, costume changes etc.  We find that most parents enjoy being part of the production.  A typicaly shift is 3 hours. More information can be found HERE

In addition, YPT offers longer term volunteering roles to members of the YPT Community.  Amongst other things, our positions are attractive for those seeking to broaden their experience, make strong social connections or contribute positively to the community.

Learn more about the current volunteer availabilities and the ways you can assist us at YPT on our volunteer opportunities page.

See our Terms and Conditions for information on attendance.

Yes.  Extension classes are only offered to students who are enrolled in a weekly YPT Drama Class. Extension Classes include Musical Theatre, Jazz , Tap and individual Singing lessons. The timetable for extenstion classes is above.

Yes. Each year we have an end of year showcase.  The Drama Showcase is the annual presentation of drama class work for parents and families. Each student is given the opportunity to perform on the YPT stage with their class group. Tickets are available for purchase via the box office.

Visit the YPT Sparkle and Shine page for information on this annual concert. The page also includes a selection of photos from past concerts.

Sparkle and Shine Concert 2018

YPT Member Shop

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YPT student showcase

Extension Classes

YPT offers extension classes to currently enrolled drama students. These can be booked through the YPT office. Extension classes (mostly 60mins) are available in:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Tap Dancing
  • Jazz Technique
  • Singing lessons (30mins)

N.B. All musical theatre and dance extension classes are held at the YPT Theatre.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Years 3 to 4
Tuesday 5 – 6pm

Musical Theatre Years 5 to 6
Tuesday 4 – 5pm 

Musical Theatre Years 6 to 8
Thursday 4 – 5pm 

Musical Theatre Years 7 to 9
Thursday 5 – 6pm

Musical Theatre Years 10 to 12
Monday 4.15 – 5.45pm 


Primary School Jazz
Wednesday 5 – 5.45pm 

High School Jazz
Wednesday 4 – 5pm 

Advanced Jazz
Wednesday 5.45 – 6.45pm

Primary School Tap
Wednesday 4.15 – 5pm

High School Tap
Wednesday 5 – 6pm

Advanced Tap
Wednesday 6.45 – 7.45pm

Stretch & Strengthen
Monday 3.45 – 4.15pm

singing – individual lessons

Individual singing lessons are held Monday – Wednesday (afternoons & evenings) and Saturday mornings. Venues are YPT Theatre & HSPA. Tutors are Freya Atkinson and Brent Hanson. Click here for terms and conditions.

Active & Creative Kids Vouchers

YPT is registered with Service NSW to accept Active & Creative Kids Vouchers.

Creative Kids Vouchers can be used for Drama classes.

Active Kids Vouchers can be used for Tap and Jazz classes.

To redeem the vouchers at YPT:

Step 1. Apply for a Creative or Active Kids voucher at Service NSW 
> Creative Kids  |  > Active Kids

Step 2. Following receipt of your voucher number, submit voucher details to claim your redemption from YPT using the online claim form here.

Step 3. YPT will process the voucher with Service NSW. Following validation of your voucher,  YPT will credit the voucher amount to the account of the person named on the voucher.

STEP 4. This credit will be detailed on the next YPT invoice.

Class Demonstration Day & end of year Showcase

Families are invited to watch their child in class at a specially organised demonstration day. This is an opportunity to see what their child has been learning in class.

The Drama Showcase is the annual presentation of drama class work for parents and families. Each student is given the opportunity to perform on the YPT stage with their class group.

Sparkle & Shine Concert

The Sparkle and Shine Concert is directed by tutors in our Drama School, and is a celebration of what YPT stands for – theatre for young people by young people. 

The annual concert supports the YPT Remembers Reuben Scholarship

YPT students perform in a selection of numbers from Musical Theatre pieces to dance, drama and more! More about Sparkle & Shine, plus photos of past concerts.

‘Think Beyond’ Senior Drama Course

The Think Beyond course is designed for Years 11 and 12 students who wish to challenge themselves beyond what they would encounter in a drama class. Students keen to learn more about theatre and acting and/or who endeavour to pursue a career in the entertainment and/or creative arts industries are encouraged to consider the Think Beyond program.

Find out more info here

The YPT Tech Team

At YPT it’s not just young people on stage, but behind the scenes too. YPT students in Year 7 and above can apply to join our expert Tech Team, which plays a vital part in every production! This is for students interested in stage crew, stage management, lighting, sound or the fly tower.