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Update september 2021
Due to the covid 19 lockdown classes are currently operating online. 

future students: register HERE TO JOIN THE ypt COMMUNITy or waitlist for a future place

YPT Theatre School offers a structured drama program for students from Year 2 to  Yr 12 to follow their interests and develop theatre skills. YPT is beneficial for all children interested in drama and the performing arts. No drama experience is required to enrol. Drama develops many personal and social capabilities including confidence, teamwork,  collaboration, self awareness, coordination, body awareness, literacy, concentration, creative thinking and empathy for others. Many of  our past students credit YPT classes for developing them from a person who was anxious speaking in front of others, to being a confident communicator.   The benefits of drama extend well beyond performing in on a stage in front of an audience.

Currently YPT welcomes approximately 400 students to our classes each week


Our enrolment and waitlist procedure reflects the high demand for YPT classes and ensures that families are serious about joining the YPT Theatre School. We do not offer trial classes however we offer the option of a refund if your child chooses not to pursue drama within the first 2 weeks of enrolment. See Terms and Conditions for full details.


After reviewing our 2021 timetable above, click here to join our 2021 waitlist for a drama class. Once you are offered a place you can access our extension classes including Musical Theatre, dance, Behind the Scenes and Private Singing.  A non-refundable Waitlist Administration Fee of $10 per class applies to each class that your child is waitlisted on. This is not deducted from fees where an offer of enrolment is made.

  • When a drama class position becomes available, an offer via SMS and email will be sent to those on our waitlist.  Places fill quickly and we encourage you to respond as soon as possible to the offer to secure your place.
  • YPT Timetabling may  vary from Semester to Semester.


For many classes there is a Waitlist. However, due to natural turnover there is sometimes a mid-semester vacancy and a student can register immediately for a class.


Term 1 (8 weeks)  Monday 1 February to  Saturday 27 March 

Term 2 (9 weeks)  Monday 19 April to Monday 21 June
*No Monday class on Public Holiday of 14 June


Term 3 (9 weeks) Monday 12 July to  Saturday 11 September

Term 4 (10 weeks) Tuesday 5 October to Monday 13 December
*No Monday class on Public Holiday of 4 October

YPT is registered with Service NSW to accept Active & Creative Kids Vouchers.

  • Creative Kids Vouchers can be used for Drama + Musical Theatre.
  • Active Kids Vouchers can be used for Dance, Jazz Tap and Sing Act Move classes.
    NB: YPT is NOT approved by Service NSW to use Active Kids Vouchers for Musical Theatre.

To redeem the vouchers at YPT:

Step 1. Apply for a Creative or Active Kids voucher at Service NSW 
> Creative Kids  |  > Active Kids

Step 2. Following receipt of your voucher number, submit voucher details to claim your redemption from YPT using the online claim form here.

Step 3. YPT will process the voucher with Service NSW. Following validation of your voucher,  YPT will credit the voucher amount to the account of the person named on the voucher.

STEP 4. This amount will be credited to your current outstanding YPT invoice or to your YPT account.Dance

Our YPT terms and conditions include information on uniform and eligibility for productions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Students in years 2-10 must enrol in a Drama class before they can access the Extension Class program.  Drama provides the foundational skills for all our classes.   

Year 11, 12 and 13 students are able to choose either Think Beyond Drama or Think Beyond Musical Theatre.  This is due to their level of experience and the additional schooling commitments. More details of our Extension Classes.

As a not-for-profit organisation that is registered as a charity, YPT actively promotes a culture away from maximising profits towards inclusion for all families by keeping our fees as low as possible.  You will note that our fees are for 2 terms i.e. one semester.  Uniquely, there are no production fees and we are proud that performance and production opportunities are  provided at a minimal cost to families.  YPT covers the costs of theatre tech, copywrite and other production costs so students can access productions as a personal and dramtic development opportunity regardless of their financial situation.

Our students receive the highest quality tuition from experienced performing arts practitioners with extensive Drama training and and supported by ongoing professional development

Yes, YPT is committed to providing high quality learning experiences through to adulthood with 3 courses tailored for those in years 11 and 12.  We also extend these classes to students in what we term ‘year 13’ i.e. students who wish to continue drama classes in the year following year 12. Senior Course descriptions can be accessed here.

Class locations are listed on the Class Timetable and on your invoice. 

Classes are held at either:

Classes are taught by senior YPT tutors who are current drama practitioners with background skills and training. Tutor/student ratios are small and most classes have a Senior Tutor and a Tutor. Learn more about our team and management committee

YPT requires that parents notify any health or other issues that could affect the welfare of their child at YPT. Issues may include general, medical or custody issues, learning difficulties or physical disabilities. At enrolment, we require parents to provide details of any issues and possible strategies to support their child while they attend YPT.

Yes. Each year we have an end of year showcase.  The Drama Showcase is the annual presentation of drama class work for parents and families. Each student is given the opportunity to perform on the YPT stage with their class group. Tickets are available for purchase via the box office.

Each production has audition eligibility criteria that specifies which students can audition for productions.  Ordinarily the criteria requires students to have been enrolled for a Semester at YPT although this varies between productions. YPT programs productions to enable opportunities for students in all year levels. Further information can be found on our Theatre Company page.

If your child is cast in a production there is a small commitment to volunteer. Please rest assured that the volunteer commitment is not onerous.  The number of times you are asked to volunteer depends on a number of factors including cast size, complexity of the production (set and costume) and age of the children. 

Usually parents are asked to volunteer around 3-4 times in the pre-production phase and 3-4 times during the production season.  Volunteer shifts are usually for 2-4 hours.  The pre-production phase runs for around a term and the production season for a term so the commitment is spread over a lengthy period of time. We make the process easy for parents and they are able to  choose their volunteer times from an online roster so they can fit it in with their personal schedule.  We find that most parents enjoy being part of the show, sharing the time with their children and meeting new friends.  Some parents end up volunteering more that the minimum because they enjoy the experience.

Parents help in ways that suit their skills and interests. For example, in the pre-production stage parents can choose to support the production in wardrobe (experienced or sewing for dummies), set construction, supervision of children, canteen, etc). During the Production phase parents volunteer in dressing room, canteen, front of house, stage door or green room supervision.  Parents help other parents and there are clear lists of tasks.  More information can be found HERE

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Extension Classes

YPT offers extension classes to currently enrolled drama students in:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Dance, Jazz + Tap
  • Private Singing (30mins)

Senior Student Courses (Years 11-13)

YPT has revamped our senior program for 2021! We are commited to providing high quality learning experiences through to adulthood. Students can choose one or more of the 3 Think Beyond programs depending upon their personal preferences and schedule. They can also add on extension classes including Behind the Scenes, Jazz, Tap, Private Singing and Musical Theatre for Fun.

More about our Senior courses.

Technical Team + Behind the Scenes Class

YPT students in Year 7 and above can apply to join our  backstage Technical Team, which plays a vital part in every production.  Over time, students may form part of the stage crew, stage management, lighting, sound or fly operations.  

A new class called Behind the Scenes has been introduced for 2021. Semester 1 will consist of a 2 term Directing unit, covering everything from finding a script, building a concept to pitching, casting and managing teams.  Students must enrol in a Drama class before acessing this class.

View Timetable and Class descriptions for more information.

Sparkle & Shine Concert

The Sparkle and Shine Concert is directed by tutors in our Drama School, and is a celebration of what YPT stands for – theatre for young people by young people. 

The annual concert supports the YPT Remembers Reuben Scholarship

YPT students perform in a selection of numbers from Musical Theatre pieces to dance, drama and more! More about Sparkle & Shine, plus photos of past concerts.