Young People’s Theatre Newcastle


Social Story – The SpongeBob Musical 
Published by Young Peoples Theatre, July 2022

Social stories are created to assist audience members who may have sensory sensitivities. If you require any further assistance, please email

Social Story – Younger Patron 

Social Story – Older Patron

Social Stories have been prepared with assistance from Ollie Abel, Kate Booth and Sarah Skehan-Ryba

YPT’s Covid Safe Conditions of Entry

1-2 minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, July 2020

Please read YPT’s Conditions of Entry.

If you have experienced a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breathe or have been overseas or in an Australian Hot Spot in the last month, you may not enter YPT.

– YPT is a registered COVID SAFE organisation and has your safety as our number one priority.
– Only students, staff and designated volunteers will have access to our venues at this time.
– Enter through the foyer doors at YPT and the main gate at HSPA and use the hand hygiene station.
– Do not arrive early for class. Students will not be allowed into the space until their class time.

Here is a video that outlines that Covid Safe Elements at YPT!