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YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Louise

YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Louise

YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Louise 
3-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, March 2023
Questions by: Hannah Richens 
Pictured: Louise at YPT (above) and Louise performing in YPT’s productions in her youth (below)

YPT is thrilled to welcome the Louise to the YPT Tutoring team. Louise is no stranger to YPT having attended YPT classes as a child and graced the stage in many of our most well known productions such as Pinocchio. Louise, a qualified primary school teacher, was inspired to rejoin YPT after watching her younger sister Clara’s current involvement. Louise has a wealth of knowledge to share with our students and is an excellent role model of younger tutors.

Our tutor, Louise

Describe what you do as a creative in one sentence?
Louise: As a teacher I employ a range of creative tools and musical skills all day every day (I’m also great at a range of self selected impressions).

What is your favourite theatre memory?
At first I tried to think of a show in which I was one of the leads, but in all honesty being part of the ensemble in a show will forever be my favourite. I love the forever friends you form and the fun you have backstage. Being a ballerina, a starfish AND a villager in Pinocchio was a real test of my creative ability and, personally I think I nailed it. You could say I peaked at 8. I do dream of the day I can be the starfish again.

What inspires you to do theatre?
I’m inspired to perform by watching passionate people perform. Their enthusiasm is always contagious.

What are you excited about teaching YPT students?
The most exciting thing about teaching for me is learning.  I love meeting different and new creatives, it gives you a chance to learn new skills. There is never a boring day! I am excited to be in a room full of young people who have a passion for drama and all things theatre. Being a teacher is a huge part of my personality and I can’t wait to add drama tutor to my overly enthusiastic ramble about what I do in life.

What do you love about theatre/dance/drama?
Performing in any grandeur is a wonderful addictive feeling. What I love the most about theatre is the different opportunities to be creative; being part of the ensemble, a leading role, musical theatre, directing, lighting, costumes, set design. Something for everyone.

What is your favourite play or musical?
The SpongeBob Musical is my favourite. I listened to it a long time ago as a joke but now it’ll forever be a favourite. I was lucky enough to see it four times at Young People’s Theatre.

What is one piece of advice you could give to any YPT student?
My advice is be involved in what you love as much as you can before life gets too busy.

Are you excited to be apart of YPT Tutoring Team?
Of course ! I’m excited to return to YPT as an adult and to be immersed in the creativity of young people.

Louise will be the Senior Tutor with Primary Drama on Wednesdays and Thursday and is also working with students privately through our private tuition program. Louise is also assisting on our production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and later in the year, A Pocketful of Stories.


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