Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

Nick Tickle: Fairytale Detective

NickTickle: Fairy Tale Detective 2019 Production

2019 Production // 23 November to 7 December 2019

Nick Tickle: Fairytale Detective

Granny can’t tell her favorite fairy tales because someone really cruel and evil is stealing all the props! Breadcrumbs, magic beans, a basket of goodies, a glass slipper – all missing! The future of fairy tales is at stake, and it’s up to the title character to set things right.

With detective reasoning and his connections to the fairy tale underworld, plus some dumb luck, Nick Tickle sets out to locate the Mysterious Figure who’s been pilfering all the props! He may require some help from the audience, but Nick Tickle is out to solve his toughest case ever!

There’s plenty of audience participation and lots of laughs for junior detectives and their grown-ups.

Presented by Young People’s Theatre, Newcastle INC
Audience Suitability: Preschool to adult
Performance Dates: 23 November to 7 December 2019

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