Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

Senior Classes

Senior Drama (Years 10-12)

Senior Drama Classes now have an integrated end of year small scale public performance rehearsed during class time.

Senior Drama classes will spend the first half of the year developing performance skills and theatre knowledge. Our experienced tutors will guide them through a program tailored to their class and age group. The second half of the year will be spent developing a performance for the years Player’s Festival. Each class will develop a 30 minute play from a scripted work or through a devising process. This will allow students to rehearse a small scale production in class time and avoid overcommitment to a larger scale show during their busy study period.

Player’s Festival (Years 10-12)

The Player’s Festival is a public performance with a collection of short plays and acts featuring students from years 10 to 12 from our Theatre School.

During the second half of the year our Senior Drama, Think Beyond Drama and Senior Musical Theatre classes will develop a 30-minute performance from a scripted work or through a devising process in class time. This experience should be more like a full-scale production without the added commitment of extra weekly rehearsals.

Think Beyond (Years 11-12)

Young People’s Theatre offers the Think Beyond course for students in Year 11 and 12 who are looking beyond their time at school towards a possible career in the arts.
The Think Beyond course has two programs, ie. Drama and Musical Theatre. These programs are run independently of each other and students may consider applying for one or both of these programs. Each program runs for the duration of the year with the end goal of producing a high quality performance for public audiences during Term 4.

Entry into these courses is via application. Class sizes are limited.

Think Beyond Drama

  • Aims to bridge the gap between drama classes and tertiary education courses.
  • Curriculum developed in consultation with industry professionals and organisations.
  • Expand student’s content knowledge.
  • Focuses on key skills and continuous improvement at an advanced level.

Think Beyond Musical Theatre

Think Beyond Musical Theatre follows a similar curriculum to Think Beyond Drama but with a focus on the specific skills sets required for success in Musical Theatre.

Both Think Beyond courses are targeted at students who have decided or who are considering that their future may be in the theatre industry.