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Spotlight On: Our new tutor, Tatjana

Spotlight On: Our new tutor, Tatjana

YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Tatjana
3-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, October 2022
Written by: Hannah Richens 
Pictured: Tatjana tap dancing 

Tatjana has been with us for a whole term now! YPT is excited to have welcome new tutors to the YPT Family. Join us as we get them to know a little better.

Tatjana and dance partner performing a tap routine.

Describe what you do as a creative in one sentence?
Tatjana: ​I am a driven tap-dancing artist who enjoys creating new rhythmical syncopations.

What is your favourite theatre memory?
Tatjana: My favourite theatre memory was in 2015 when I was selected to be a part of my first musical “Evita”. This experience provided me with a greater insight into how powerful the performing arts is as a platform to promote and appreciate other cultures.

What inspires you to do theatre?
Tatjana: Creative problem solving and leadership inspires me to engage in theatre. I have a rich imagination and theatre is the perfect forum to channel different characters and emotionally express myself. Theatre allows me to connect with the audience and appreciate others who share the passion of storytelling. Through theatre I am able to connect with my craft and enrich my confidence when performing.

What are you excited about teaching YPT students?
Tatjana: I look forward to sharing my passion for dance with students at YPT and challenging them in an environment where creative discovery has no limit.

What do you love about theatre/dance/drama?
Tatjana: I love theatre because it empowers people to develop self-confidence and engage with learning through a collaborative process. Through my love of dance, I realised that the expressive art form can promote a positive change and shape a community. Each performing art has a universal language that moves people emotionally and enhances the innate human quality that all people have.

Our Tap Teacher, Tatjana

What is your favourite play or musical?
Tatjana: My favourite musical is definitely “The Lion King”. The whole show is culturally authentic and offers a captivating plot. The family-friendly nature of the show, vibrant scenery, and opening sequence was the most memorable part.

What is one piece of advice you could give to any YPT student?
Tatjana: Focus on working hard and being dedicated towards your goals – No amount of talent can supersede hard work.

Are you excited to be apart of YPT?
​Tatjana: Yes!! I view teaching students as an invaluable experience and look forward to inspiring younger generations at YPT and promoting creativity through dance. Uniting students through a rich culture of theatre and performing arts is something I am passionate about.

Tatjana has joined the YPT Tutoring team as Tap and Jazz Dance Tutor for both High School and is also teaching privates. We have loved having Tatjana on the team in Term 3 and look forward to continuing to work with her. 


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