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YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Lawrie

YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Lawrie

YPT Family: Meet our new tutor, Lawrie
3-minute read // Published by Young Peoples Theatre, August 2022
Written by: Hannah Richens 
Pictured: Lawrie in class with her Year 7/8 Students

Welcome Lawrie to the team. YPT is excited to have welcome new tutors to the YPT Family. Join us as we get them to know a little better.

Our new tutor, Lawrie performing
Our new tutor, Lawrie performing

Describe what you do as a creative in one sentence?
Lawrie: ​I imagine, I build and I present; all with the goal of bringing others on that journey with me.

What is your favourite theatre memory?
Lawrie: Definitely the big Pirates vs Lost boys battle scene in our school’s production of Peter Pan. I was a pirate and was trusted by the director to be the only cast member to die by Michael’s hand right on centre stage, I was all of 13 but it is such a core memory for me.

What inspires you to do theatre?
The potential to influence emotion and create compelling narratives to carry the audience away. I also love how intimate a live performance can be compared to film and have always enjoyed the challenge of stage production.

What are you excited about teaching YPT students?
I am so excited to teach the students about the holistic approach to theatre and acting that I so connected with as a drama student myself. I love helping young people discover their talent and strengths and in-avertedly themselves in the process.

What do you love about theatre/dance/drama?
I love the rush of live performance, I love the costumes, the make-up, the lights and the energy. I love the connections you build within a cast and sharing the experience with new people. When it comes to drama, I love the challenge of externalizing the internal processes we all have and allowing audience members to see themselves in the piece. Aside from the audience, I love the way I get to connect with myself, live in the moment and discover new ways to express myself.

Our new tutor, Lawrie performing
Our new tutor, Lawrie performing

What is your favourite play or musical?
My favourite play would have to be ‘One man, Two Governors’ as it is just so much fun to watch, and my favourite musical would have to be ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ mostly because I am also a Hansen, but also because the themes are just lovely and I cry every time.

What is one piece of advice you could give to any YPT student?
Allow yourself to experience the new things, the awkward, the fun and the slightly intimidating. Feel the feels, let it flow and surprise yourself with what comes next.

Are you excited to be apart of YPT?
​Very much so! I am already getting awesome vibes from the team members I’ve met and the energy that goes into the projects they work on. I love being around people who love what they do.

Lawrie has joined the YPT Tutoring team as Drama and Musical Theatre Tutor for both High School and Upper Primary. 


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